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Iron Man Will Cameo in Black Widow, But It’s Not What You Think

A major spoiler for the Black Widow standalone movie was recently revealed. Robert Downey Jr. will most likely have a cameo in the movie in his iconic MCU role of Tony Stark. But don’t start celebrating just yet. It is very likely the cameo will simply be unused footage from Captain America: Civil War rather […]

Black Widow Codename Origin Officially Unveiled by Marvel

Marvel has finally revealed the origins of the Black Widow codename. Comic book and Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have argued about Natasha Romanoff’s codename for years now. Romanoff was recruited at a very young age by the Red Room, which is Russia’s fictional top secret school for training young spies. With the Black Widow movie […]

Black Widow Will Pack a Big Punch Next Summer Promises Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is excited for Marvel Cinematic Universe fans to see Black Widow. The actress says the movie packs a “punch” and finds it liberating to be an executive producer on the project. MCU fans have been waiting years to see Natasha Romanoff headline her own movie, especially after seeing some of her male counterparts […]

Black Widow D23 Poster Reveals Red Guardian & Natasha’s New Suit

Marvel Studios has released the official D23 poster for the upcoming Black Widow movie. The poster gives us a good look at Natasha Romanoff’s new suit and the villainous Taskmaster. Marvel Studios had a major presence at this year’s D23 as rumors swirled about Tom Holland’s Marvel Cinematic Universe exit. While fans were bummed to […]

Black Widow D23 Footage Brings Big Action and a New White Suit

Marvel Studios unveiled some of the first Black Widow footage for the lucky attendees of D23. It’s been an exciting few days for Marvel fans who were wondering exactly what the studio was going to announce for their big screen properties. Black Panther 2 was given a release date and we were given a proper […]

Black Widow Set Images Put Scarlett Johansson in a New Suit

Natasha Romanoff might be getting a new suit in the Black Widow standalone movie. Scarlett Johansson was spotted on the set in a costume featuring a bit more gray coloring and black accents, as seen in the leaked set photos. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige finally made the official announcement that the movie was actually […]

Can Black Widow Return from the Dead After Avengers: Endgame?

Months have passed since the release of Avengers: Endgame to a rapturous welcome from fans and critics alike. The finer points of the movie are still being hotly discussed, and likely will be for several years. One of the biggest questions going forward that fans want an answer to is, Can the Black Widow death […]

Black Widow Writer Isn’t Afraid to Abandoned Marvel Comics Canon

Black Widow screenwriter Jac Schaeffer isn’t afraid to shake up a story and has no time for “sour grapes voices.” The upcoming movie finally sees Scarlett Johansson’s Natasha Romanoff out on her own for the first time. Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have been waiting to see a standalone movie since the character first showed up […]

Black Widow Movie Will Introduce Multiple Black Widows to the MCU

Black Widow will have a few tricks and surprises up its sleeve when it hits theaters next summer. The cast has been pretty tightlipped about what we can expect. But MCU newcomer Rachel Weisz has let it slip that here will be multiple Black Widow operatives introduced in the movie. The Black Widow code name […]

Black Widow Set Photos May Confirm Florence Pugh’s Mystery Marvel Role

Some new Black Widow set photos from Budapest have found their way online. While the photos aren’t all that interesting on their own, further inspection seemingly confirms who actress Florence Pugh is playing in the long awaited standalone movie. Marvel Studios has yet to officially announce the Black Widow movie, which many believe will be […]