Is The Suicide Squad a Sequel or Reboot? James Gunn Won’t Say Yet

James Gunn isn’t prepared to tell us if The Suicide Squad is a reboot or not, but he may have a very good reason for that. The filmmaker hopped from the Marvel to the DC train after being fired from his gig directing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, a gig that he has since […]

Which Disney Animated Classic Won’t Get a Live-Action Remake?

Alan Menken says a Pocahontas live-action remake is unlikely. Menken has been working with Disney for a long time now and has earned Grammys, Academy Awards, and Tony Awards for his composing work, including 1992’s Aladdin, which is about to hit the big screen as a live-action remake this week. In a new interview, he […]

Scorpion’s Story Won’t Continue in Spider-Man: Far from Home

Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing Scorpion on the big screen in Spider-Man: Far from Home. When Marvel Studios made a deal with Sony to allow for Spider-Man to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the decision was made to focus on villains we haven’t seen in previous versions of the franchise. Shocker and Vulture, for […]

Disney Delays New Mutants Yet Again, X-Men Spinoff Won’t Arrive Until 2020

Here’s something new that sounds like something we’ve heard before, mostly because it is. The New Mutants has had its release date pushed back. Again. This isn’t the first time the troubled X-Men spin-off has been delayed and, at this point, we’re not confident in saying it’s going to be the last. That said, for […]

Anchorman 3 Probably Won’t Happen, But Christina Applegate Will Never Say Never

Christina Applegate is doubtful Anchorman 3 will ever happen. The actress was recently interviewed about her upcoming Netflix series Dead to Me and also talked about the Anchorman franchise and why it probably won’t ever happen. Comedy sequels are often times more difficult to pull off than any other genre, and few would agree Anchorman […]

Laura Dern Won’t Say No to Jurassic World 3 Return

Laura Dern is ready to return as Ellie Sattler in Jurassic World 3 in literally any capacity. We haven’t seen Dern’s beloved Jurassic Park character on screen in nearly two decades. She originated the role in Steven Spielberg’s 1993 adaptation of Michael Crichton’s novel and went on to reprise the role just once in the […]

Disney+ Won’t Stream Song of the South or Controversial Dumbo Jim Crow Scene

Disney+ will not stream 1946’s Song of the South and it will cut a controversial scene from 1941’s Dumbo. Disney’s streaming service launches in November and in addition to new original content, the streaming platform is going to go deep into the vaults and release some of the studios most beloved projects of all time. […]

Goonies 2 Probably Won’t Ever Happen, But Sean Astin Is Okay with a Reboot

Exactly five years ago, way back in April 2014, director Richard Donner boldly proclaimed that The Goonies 2 was officially happening with himself back at the helm and most of the original cast set to return, except for perhaps Jeff Cohen, who played Chunk and went onto become a big time law professional who left […]

R-Rated Deadpool Won’t Change Under Disney’s Rule Says Marvel Boss

Good news for those who still want to see more R-rated Deadpool movies, as Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige isn’t interested in changing things up on that front. Disney recently completed their purchase of Fox (or most of it anyway), which means they now finally have the rights to the X-Men and Fantastic Four, which […]

The Last Knight Won’t Get a Sequel, Michael Bay Is Gone for Good

Michael Bay is officially finished with the Transformers franchise and a direct sequel to The Last Knight is no longer happening. Franchise producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura confirmed the news, which is much different from his words just a few weeks ago. Back in March, Bonaventura revealed they were working on scripts for both a Bumblebee […]