Doctor Strange 2 Shooting Next Year with New Writer Onboard?

Doctor Strange 2 may finally kick off production next year according to star Benedict Wong. Though, it may be coming with some changes behind the scenes. At present, the Sorcerer Supreme is going on something of a streak. While the character and some of his counterparts have appeared in several movies, including Avengers: Endgame, since […]

Why Ant-Man Vs. Thanos Theory Definitely Wouldn’t Work According to Endgame Writer

Avengers: Endgame co-writer Christopher Markus believes Ant-Man would die in Thanos’ butt. The grossest Endgame theory can now be finally put to rest. When the movie was first being promoted and everybody knew Scott Lang would be joining Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, one fan decided he had figured it all out. The movie would only have […]

Gladiator 2 Is Still Happening, Top Gun 2 Writer Takes on Script

It’s been a few months since we’ve heard any further whispers about the possible Gladiator sequel that has been in the works since, well, you know, since the first movie hits theaters way back in 2000. And today seems to be no different as this morning we have word via the producers of the planned […]

Are You Afraid of the Dark? Movie Loses Writer Gary Dauberman

The Are You Afraid of the Dark? movie has taken an unfortunate step back as writer Gary Dauberman has executed the project. We first heard that Dauberman, the screenwriter behind movies such as IT and several entries in The Conjuring franchise, had been tapped by Paramount Pictures to bring Nickelodeon’s 90s horror TV series to […]

Ava DuVernay’s DC Movie The New Gods Gets Acclaimed Batman Writer Tom King

DC’s The New Gods movie has tapped comic book writer Tom King to co-write the screenplay alongside director Ava DuVernay. This is a project that has been in the works since at least early 2018, but one that we haven’t heard all that much about since it was revealed that DuVernay was going to helm […]

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Movie Brings in Alita: Battle Angel Writer?

A Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic movie is reportedly in the works at Lucasfilm. There has been much speculation in regards to a possible Old Republic project. Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy, in an interview during Star Wars Celebration confirmed, “Yes, we are developing something” within the Old Republic. It wasn’t clear exactly what […]

Just Cause Movie Gets John Wick Writer, Shooting Begins in 2020

The Just Cause movie has new life, as Constantine Film has stepped in and scooped up the rights to the popular video game franchise. What’s more, they’ve hired John Wick franchise creator Derek Kolstad to pen the big screen adaptation. This is a project that has been kicking around Hollywood, in some form or another, […]

Captain America Vs. Thanos Question Finally Answered by Endgame Writer

Avengers: Endgame proved that Steve Rogers was worthy of Thor’s hammer, and that it wasn’t just his strength that helped him lift Mjolnir. But what about his own brute physical strength when it comes to facing off against Thanos in Infinity War? Though the Avengers couldn’t stop Thanos from snapping his fingers, Steve did a […]

Pet Sematary Remake Sequel Talks Are Happening Says Writer

There are currently no plans to make a sequel to this year’s Pet Sematary remake, but writer Jeff Buhler isn’t ruling out the possibility. He says there have been preliminary discussions on the potential of a sequel, but admits that the general feeling is that the story of the Creed family has been told. What […]

Hellraiser Remake Coming from Dark Knight Writer David S. Goyer

A Hellraiser remake is coming from Gary Barber’s Spyglass Media Group, with The Dark Knight scribe David S. Goyer penning the script. Planned for worldwide theatrical distribution, the project will be completely funded and fast tracked by Spyglass, making it the first project for the company since its re-launch. Chris Stone will be overseeing the […]