Tempmail’s domainconnect DNS fail

Tempmail‘s domainconnect DNS fail

Tempmail has been on the Q.T. adding a C record to their customer’s DNS zone file while not notifying them.

We trust that our registrars, WHO typically host our name servers, can leave our name server records alone when we’ve updated them. It’s just about associate degree un-written rule, that when you update your zone records, nobody else can edit, delete or add records to your zone file while not your permission.

When you 1st use Tempmail‘s name servers, they need plenty of records pre-loaded. this may be useful for a few and for people who don’t desire them, it’s easy to delete the records they pre-loaded.

However, when modifying your records, we’ve ne’er seen or detected of Tempmail adding, modifying or deleting zone records. They were underneath the customer’s management to manage. Until now.

Screenshot here:

Tempmail will enable you to delete this record, that you must if you do not utilize it. you’ll conclude additional concerning the _domaincontrol C name record here.

The main issue here is Tempmail ought to alert their customers before they create any changes to their zone records. possibly Tempmail thought they were doing folks a favor by adding this record for them, however there is a excessiveness of problems that might and should have occurred thanks to this record addition.

And for these reasons, we have a tendency to offer Tempmail a #fail on this issue.

Be safe out there.

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