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Google reportedly agrees to pay up to $200M to settle FTC YouTube investigation

In brief: The FTC is expected to make the details of the settlement public in the coming week with Google reportedly paying over $150 million for violating children’s online privacy laws. As was the case with Facebook, the deal is likely to come with conditions attached, and Google is already taking some precautions to avoid […]

Homeworld 3: Blackbird Interactive’s next space real-time strategy game raises money on Fig

Gearbox Software and Blackbird Interactive showed a trailer today confirming that Homeworld 3 is in development. They also said that Blackbird is raising money for the game on the Fig crowdfunding service. Blackbird was founded by Rob Cunningham, the original art director for Homeworld, which was first published by Sierra and developed by Relic Entertainment […]

562 Interactive’s Alluris takes best in show at Indie Prize USA 2019

Alluris from 562 Interactive in the U.S. won the best in show “audience choice” award at GameDaily Connect’s Indie Prize USA 2019 contest in Anaheim, California yesterday. The contest drew dozens of entrants from indie game developers from around the world. The Indie Prize is an international scholarship program for indie game developers. The ten […]

The RetroBeat: World of Warcraft: Classic shows what MMOs have lost

I’m having the most fun with any video game this year playing an old massively multiplayer online role-playing game from 2004. World of Warcraft Classic launched earlier this week. This new version of Blizzard Entertainment‘s hit PC game gives players a chance to experience World of Warcraft as it was in its earlier days, before […]

After 5,000 games, Microsoft’s Suphx AI can defeat top Mahjong players

Bolstered by algorithmic breakthroughs and an abundance of cheap computing power, AI has become a veritable games champion, notching wins against the world’s top-ranked players of chess, the Chinese board game Go, Montezuma’s Revenge, and countless others. In yet another victory for the machines this week, Microsoft detailed an AI system — Super Pheonix, or […]

Watch Live: 15 minutes of fresh Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay

Highly anticipated: When it comes to the video game industry, there are few developers as beloved by players as CD Projekt Red, and few games as highly anticipated as the studio’s upcoming RPG epic Cyberpunk 2077. After over a year of waiting, gamers will finally be able to enjoy a fresh (but comparatively brief) look […]

Hurricane Dorian is forcing scooter rental services to pull their rides from streets

In brief: Hurricane Dorian is intensifying as it inches closer to what is increasingly looking like a direct strike with Florida. Experts forecast Dorian could be a category four storm by the time it makes landfall – likely on Labor Day – and when it does finally hit, it’ll present a unique issue. Like many […]

AI generates melodies from lyrics

Generating sequences of musical notes from lyrics might sound like the stuff of science fiction, but thanks to AI, it might someday become as commonplace as internet radio. In a paper published on the preprint server (“Conditional LSTM-GAN for Melody Generation from Lyrics“), researchers from the National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo describe a […]

Destiny 2 gets a premium progression battle pass

Loot boxes aren’t dead, but many developers now favor the premium progression pass instead. Destiny 2 is the latest game to adopt one of these digital Skinner boxes. But as Bungie director Luke Smith explains in a blog post, this isn’t going to change how you play the game. Instead, it’s about giving more people […]