The Microsoft Surface Book 2 laptop is on sale for $600 off

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. Get a  a laptop, tablet, and portable studio all in one. Image: microsoft/mashable composite  By Jayla AndrulonisMashable Deals2019-07-28 15:23:51 UTC TL;DR: Get the powerful Microsoft Surface Book 2 2-in-1 laptop on sale for $1,399. It’s usually priced at […]

How should you take your Equifax data breach settlement?

Do you go for the free money or the free service? And what does the fine print say? The Federal Trade Commission confirmed on July 22 that Equifax will pay as much as $700 million — and no less than $575 million — for the 2017 data breach that affected the personal information of roughly […]

Tesla cars should get YouTube and Netflix in the next update

Watching TV while you drive is a terrible idea, but can your fully stopped car double as a self-contained entertainment center? That’s what Elon Musk and Tesla are betting on. Netflix streaming and YouTube streaming are both coming to Tesla vehicles “soon,” according to a Saturday tweet from Musk. The feature will only work while […]

Amazon’s ‘Modern Love’ trailer is filled with famous people in love

Amazon is stepping up its rom-com game. Modern Love is an anthology series based on a running New York Times column that the paper describes as “weekly essays that explore the joys and tribulations of love.” Isn’t that nice? The Amazon series presents a hefty ensemble of famous faces, with this new trailer hyping appearances […]

Galaxy’s Edge’ proves Disneyland for childless millennials

Despite their reputation as the happiest places on earth, Disney theme parks have recently become a lightning rod for profoundly unhappy people airing their opinions on what millennials can and cannot do.  First came the viral Facebook post from an unhinged mom who railed against childless millennials taking up space at Disney World, in which […]

Sony crowdfunded a personal air conditioner, but only in Japan for now

Who among us hasn’t wished for a personal, private air conditioner during our climate change-addled world’s increasingly brutal summers? Well, Sony’s apparently been listening. The company introduced a product called the Reon Pocket through its only-in-Japan First Flight crowdfunding program. It’s a unique kind of portable air conditioner; instead of blowing processed air with the […]

This elderly woman stood up for the youth in the Hong Kong protests

A powerful image of an elderly woman trying to stop the Hong Kong protests has gone viral after photographer Laurel Chor posted her picture on Twitter.  Chor posted the picture in response to reporter Joshua Long’s video of the same woman asking riot police not to shoot the young protesters. Her image only added to […]

Apple’s three 2020 iPhones will all reportedly be 5G-ready

Get your salt shakers ready; it’s time to talk about future Apple products. Sagacious Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is expecting three new iPhones in 2020, and he’s saying they’ll all be wired for 5G support. The detail comes from an investor note obtained by MacRumors so it’s not exactly straight from Apple, but Kuo is […]

How older generations share news articles in the smartphone era

When millennials head home, a lot of them are greeted with a pile of newspaper clippings.  Others receive highlighted articles sent in the mail, usually from grandparents or old-school parents.  The more “with it” parents snap a photo of articles and email or text that over. And yes, some parents have figured out how to […]

Bear burglar performs acrobatics to make off with bird feeder

Cat burglars? Out. Bear burglars? In. One sneaky bear proved the lengths to which its kind would go to get some sweet sweet noms. A Colorado couple affixed a bird feeder to their backyard shed, in a kind move for birds. They knew that bears were prevalent in their area, so they also attached a […]