Tusk movie: a greeting from Kevin Smith to the fans after Red State

I remember that the post reviewing “Red State” was the last time I write about Kevin Smith, and suggesting that he was getting awfully thin-skinned, and maybe a little self-destructive – he hit back on social media in a long seething series of stream-of-consciousness tweets.

This does not mean the boat (I’m hardly the first critic he has gone after, in spite of the fact that, honestly, I used to defend his movies — even “Jersey Girl”). And I want to be the first person who talks about this.

Yes, Kevin Smith doesn’t like me. No, I don’t care. Yes, I still try to be fair in watching his movies.

For example several characters give long dull monologues straight to the static camera of Smith (which, as they are coming from Smith the screenwriter, Smith the editor never cuts). After that, Johnny Depp, of all people, shows up as a Quebecois detective, with a glassy stare and the kind of overacting even Tim Burton would not put up with.

Are we – after that all that madman-in-the-mansion stuff – back to this film being a comedy? I suppose so, until I noticed that the comedy often comes with jokes and fun. This one just has with people making odd faces and speaking in strangled accents. Until it slips back into horror again, and an ending that is just described with a word “Ridiculous” On acid.

And after all, I still think Smith is a talented writer (he can be very good with dialogue) who, after a very, very slow start is beginning to show some visual style. (His first films were basically point-and-shoot-and-pray-you-don’t-drop-the-camera.). That is the saddest thing of mine. The quieter scenes with Parks – who is a powerhouse – play in a way of terrify.

And Smith seems to be having fun here, as some reviewers have noted, regularly adding he “made the movie he wanted to.” We can see the friendly affirmations, not critical judgments. However, this is the real question: is anyone besides the director can find it funny? Is the film he made something that speaks to anyone beyond a small circle of pals?

I can actually make sure that his followers who encouraged him to make this film, will say that Tusk full movie is very awesome. (Just as I am sure I don’t want to see my Twitter feed for the next few days – It must be full of status about Tusk film and its film director).

In the outroduction, Wallace finally killed Howards by “his” Tusk full movie, which makes Howards said that “Now you are really my Mr.Tusk”.

The idea is very ridiculous, I know, but partly show us about the disgusting thing that extreme life can make human become.

Nice as it would be to herald Tusk movie as a return to Smith’s bold early period, we can see a lurching tone and an airless atmosphere from the movie. Parks, an elder who is 74 years old, nearly a half-century past his Then Came Bronson surliness gives cogent readings of the literary gaseousness from him, and Wallace, acted by Justin Long, has been made into a most convincing modern A-hole who almost deserves his punishment. Genesis Rodriguez, acting as the girlfriend of Wallace Ally, gets more feeling into a single-take sobbing scene.

The other no-need-for-a-spoiler-alert Tusk movie nugget is the appearance by Johnny Depp as French-Canadian detective Guy Lapointe, who has long been tracking “this serial killer who brings blood and death.” (Tarantino turned down the role, so Smith had to settle for one of the biggest stars on earth.) The performance has the extravagance of some major Depp portrayals, such as Ed Wood and Jack Sparrow, but during his 10 or more minutes on the screen you are less likely to think, Wow, for that role, Johnny Depp was the most suitable!, than, Hey, that was Johnny Depp!

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