Tusk movie: a nightmare that was weird and insane

Tusk is a movie made for people who enjoy watching movie overnight. It was produced by Kevin Smith which was apparently inspired by a story told on the podcast Smith hosts with longtime collaborator Scott Mosier, but do not let that fool you: This is clearly the writer-director’s own nightmare about losing his voice. The onetime enfant horrible of Jersey strip-malls made his name with that voice

The protagonist of Tusk movie is just another variation on those guys, an irritatingly self-absorbed motor mouth named Wallace Bryton (a mustachioed Justin Long) who hosts a podcast devoted to dumb stuff on the internet with his best friend Teddy (an unexpectedly chubby Haley Joel Osment). He travels to Winnipeg to interview a young man dubbed the Kill Bill Kid (à la the real-life Star Wars Kid), whose video of himself wielding a samurai sword and accidentally slicing off one of his legs has gone viral.

Unfortunately, when he come to Canada, the kid has killed himself due to a stupid reason, and our hero is left in the middle of a strange country without a story to record. “I might as well make some efforts to looking for the other Canadian weirdo out here,” it was the last thing that he talk to the Teddy when he was a “human”.

We can see the light in the eyes of Park, also the fire in his belly as well as mellifluous purr in his voice that it would probably be acknowledged as a pleasure to watch his recitement the Manitoba phone book, but Smith (who adapted the film from a story he first conceived with longtime collaborator Scott Mosier on an episode of their own weekly podcast series) supplies him with considerably richer fare.

OK, it’s is just weird

Rolling about his cavernous manor — tucked, naturally, just far enough back from the main road to diminish any screams — the wheelchair-bound old man holds his visitor rapt in his raconteur’s spell, each story bearing a talismanic connection to the objects that line Howe’s shelves and mantles: a bottle that is full of whiskey that belonged to Ernest Hemingway here; a large walrus vasculum there.

That last item triggers a harrowing memory of wreckage and survival at sea, in which the Howe who was young at that time realize that his life has been saved by a less likely companion than the giant tiger from “Life of Pi”: a walrus that was called Mr.Tusk, which after that has been killed by the boy he saved in order to survive.

To be honest, if we see that the heart grow fonder, it was absent, and it soon becomes clear that Howe’s five-decade estrangement from Mr. Tusk has him hankering for a reunion — one that Wallace might just be able to facilitate. And that, really, is all one should know before seeing “Tusk full movie,” in which the more the reels tick by, the clearer Howe’s designs on Wallace become until the avuncular recluse stands revealed as some unholy hybrid of Victor Frankenstein and Josef Mengele. (In spite of the fact that it was part of the complexity of the performance of Parks that due to this we always see Howe like an outright monster, a man whose mind was full of belief that he was acting from a place of love and mercy.)

We can see a huge number of flab in Tusk movie, much of it has to do with Ally who is Wallace’s girlfriend (Genesis Rodriguez) and Teddy attempting to find and rescue their friend, not to mention the thoroughly inane antics of a Quebecois cop played by an uncredited Johnny Depp. Smith clearly wants to Tarantino it up by playfully going off on narrative tangents, but he doesn’t have Tarantino’s storytelling dexterity or his innate feel for structure; here, it just looks like a mistake. There was a little bit confusing when you wonder why the story ended that without any expansion. That’s something you need to know yourself.

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