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Tusk movie: a weird transformation that can make fans feel unhealthy.

Something weird-ass this way comes,” the announcement to one of the raunchy podcasters in Kevin Smith’s “Tusk movie,” and boy, he’s not lying. Smith’s follow-up to the change-of-pace horror-action-satire “Red State” takes a far wackier turn down the genre-bending road, though it’s no less eager to please with its mayhem.

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An irreverent spoof of obnoxious Americans and good-natured Canadians that career into body horror, “Tusk full movie” is all of over the place. But despite its ludicrous turns, the movie benefits from the far-fetched events for its sheer willingness to go there, not unlike Smith’s goofy, self-deprecating public persona.

Based off a premise proposed on Smith’s podcast with producer Scott Mosier in which a man gets turned into a walrus, “Tusk movie online” alludes to its origins by focusing on a character who runs a loudmouthed podcast himself. That would be Wallace Bryton (Justin Long), the garrulous co-host of the cheekily-titled “The Not-See Show” with his best pal (Haley Joel Osment). Justin Long stars as Wallace Bryton, a fair douche yet well-known podcaster for the show Not-See Party (insert yuck-yuck here).

The show of Wallace has a simple introduction to me: He ventures to some of the locations in search of absurdities and then returns to mock them incessantly on-air with his co-host and also his best friend who is called Teddy (Haley Joel Osment, yes, THAT Osment).

After the failure of panning out the trip to Canada, Wallace follows a random letter posted on a bar bulletin board to an isolated elderly man by the name of Howard Howe (Michael Parks), making some promises of telling exciting tales whenever coming. This is where the film begins its descent into horror as Howe kidnaps Wallace and begins transforming him into the best friend he has ever known, his personal savior/walrus that Howe affectionately refers to as Mr. Tusk.

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And also at that time, Wallace’s girlfriend who was called Ally (Genesis Rodriguez) and Teddy start doing a personal search for Wallace. This search is what brings them together with rogue detective Guy Lapointe (portrayed by an actor and we think it will be better if we do not spoil here) on the hunt for a serial killer.

After reading the text above, I know you will question: does any of this random insanity work? This will make you surprised, I guess: most of it actually does. The first two-thirds of Tusk is arguably the best film Kevin Smith has both written and directed. The dialogue feels more natural and peculiarly overhanging, he commands the camera like a filmmaker, and the performances from all involved are particularly strong for this category (Parks, Lapointe, and Rodriguez especially are all of the revelations).

Then the last act of Tusk full movie hits and the film has snowballed down movie-mountain, mindlessly chasing its own tone in its last 40 minutes. Do you think that it is horror? Or is it a goofy comedy? And finally, did anyone else notice Wallace sounds just like…Walrus, this must be the intention of Kevin Smith.

Up until this point, “Tusk full movie” unfolds with a lighthearted tone, taking playful stabs at Canadian friendliness (“We are not kind, we are optimists,” says a border patroller) and contemporary media culture. While it never ditches the goofy vibe, once Wallace gets kidnapped, the story shifts into an embellished captivity narrative both distinctly unsettling and patently absurd — think “The Human Centipede” by the way that Roger Corman has done.

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We do not think that it will be better to make some spoiler here, but one character nails it: “One fuck of a bummer to look at.” At the midnight premiere of Tusk movie at the Toronto International Film Festival, virtually every cutaway to Long after Park’s character messes with his prisoner’s body inspired nervous laughter at the ridiculous spectacle. But it still manages to generate a palpable sense of fear for its sheer twisted execution.

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