Waller-Bridge Talks “No Time To Die” Tweaks

Waller Bridge Talks No Time To Die Tweaks

When it comes to writing dialogue, few can match Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s work in recent years. Between “Fleabag” and “Killing Eve,” she has proven to have a real knack for writing smart character-based humor that isn’t afraid to have bite yet does so whilst rarely being mean.

Thus her hiring to work on the script for the upcoming James Bond film “No Time to Die” is nothing but great news, especially with the film having had some issues getting its script into a workable place. Speaking with Chris Evans on his Virgin Radio breakfast show (via The Independent) this week, the writer/actress spoke about how she came onboard the project.

She revealed she “had been sort of dreaming about the idea of it only a few months beforehand” and then it just came around when producer Barbara Broccoli asked to meet her for a coffee. Ultimately she got the gig and explains what her work entailed:

“[I was asked to do] dialogue polishes and to offer things really. It’s about just offering different alternatives. They did give me some scenes and then be like, can you write some alternatives for this or have another idea about where it could go in the middle or how it would end. And then I would just give them options and various scenes and then they would take what they want. But there was a lot people writing – the director [Cary Fukunaga] was a writer on it as well. And there’d been a few writers before.”

She also had nothing but praise for the film’s star Daniel Craig who has a big say in the final product:

“You know, Daniel [Craig] is really, really involved from the beginning. [I had] so many great conversations with him about it, constantly in touch with him about it. So it’s a big sort of melting pot of everybody’s ideas the whole time.”

“No Time to Die” will hit cinemas on April 10th.

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