It looks like Yoda and Snoke may have a connection revealed before the The Rise of Skywalker release. The upcoming Age of the Resistance comics from Marvel take Rose Tico, Rey, Kylo Ren, and Snoke and put them under the microscope before the upcoming movie. For Star Wars fans, it looks like we may be getting further backstory into the mysterious Supreme Leader Snoke, who we have been wondering about for years now. On the cover of the Snoke Age of the Resistance comic, there seems to be a possible connection to Yoda.

Star Wars has released the official synopsis for the Snoke Age of the Resistance issue and it gets into the brutal training of Kylo Ren. However, the cover has some Star Wars fans thinking there will be mentions of Yoda in the book, thanks to the cover art featuring a tree, which looks like it may have come from Dagobah. Yoda obviously died in The Empire Strikes Back, but his Force Ghost showed up in The Last Jedi. The official synopsis for the Snoke Age of the Resistance issue can be read below.

“Supreme Leader Snoke’s brutal training of Kylo Ren begins. Will the sadistic Snoke break his tormented protégé? Or has he underestimated the son of Han and Leia?”

There could be a connection between Yoda and Snoke being teased for The Rise of Skywalker on the comic book cover. Anything is possible in the Star Wars universe, but it seems more likely we might see some parallels between Snoke’s training of Kylo Ren and Yoda’s training of Luke Skywalker. And that’s only if the tree on this Age of the Resistance cover ends up being a true nod to Dagobah. For now, this is all just fan speculation.

There are other possibilities from the swamp tree shown behind Snoke. There have been rumors about a possible mysterious Oracle creature in The Rise of Skywalker, which is located in a swamp. It’s possible Snoke could be connected to this Oracle character too. At this point, it’s too early to tell, but the Age of the Resistance comics will be hitting the shelves in September, so we won’t have to wait too much longer to get explanation of the tree behind Snoke.

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In addition to the mystery of Snoke, Star Wars fans are trying to figure out Emperor Palpatine has returned for The Rise of Skywalker. There are many rumors floating around, from the Emperor influencing Luke through the Force to his possible connections to Rey and Snoke. Regardless, there is a lot to explore in the Supreme Leader’s past and we might finally get some more information in the Age of the Resistance comics and The Rise of Skywalker. You can check out the Snoke cover for the Age of the Resistance comic below, thanks to Star Wars.

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