Deadcon Trailer Unleashes the Terrifying True Horrors of Social Media

Deadcon brings the true horrors of social media to life in a new scary movie from Gunpowder & Sky. Today, we get the thrilling first trailer which features YouTube stars in a chilling social media-age tale that will have you tossing your phone right in the trash. For a couple of heart-pounding seconds, anyway. We’re […]

It’s McLovin’s Birthday and Superbad Fans Are Celebrating on Social Media

Though not a national holiday by any stretch, today is a day worth celebrating as McLovin from Superbad would be celebrating his 38th birthday. The raunchy teen comedy, released in 2007, has, safe to say, gained its status as a bonafide classic in the years since its release. While there are a great many things […]

Temp Email

The Parents – Social Media Threats – Guide – Temporary Emails – Blog

The Parents – Social Media Threats – Guide – Temporary Emails It might be a good idea for you to make him or her use a temporary email address In order to prevent this from happening. This’s a very convenient service that is going to ensure that everything is handled as per the highest security standards. The […]

Temp mail for social media websites – Blog

Temp mail for social media websites The thing is that social media websites can also become quite the burden for your email box. Let’s take a look at the following scenario. Because everyone has facebook, you subscribe to it. Then you continue to create a Twitter account because you find it interesting and rather different. After […]